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Corporate Law

corporate_workingcorporate_iconCorporate law concerns the creation and regulation of corporations and similar business organizations. The main reason to incorporate is to protect you personal assets from business liability. For example, if your business is sued, you do not want to lose your house.

Allow Youn Law Group to take you through the process of forming your new business. We will draft and review the contracts you will need to run your business including shareholder partnership agreements, negotiation of leases, management of employees, drafting of contracts and preparation of the business for sale or purchase. 

Corporate law also governs the relationships between shareholders, directors, and management of corporations. In Georgia, Corporations are filed with the Georgia secretary of state, corporations incorporated outside of Georgia are regulated by the laws of the state it was registered in. 

justice-law2gavel-books_banner The Youn Law Group, LLP concentrates on the following aspects of corporate law:
  • Incorporations and Organizations
    • Limited Liability Companies
    • C or S Corporation
    • Non-profit Corporations
  • Obtaining Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Preparation of By-Laws and Corporate Minutes
  • Stock Transfer or Purchase Agreements
  • Redemption Agreements
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Trade Name Registrations